• The Confidential Job Search

    One of the most common questions I’m asked by clients is how to job search discreetly so that only select, trusted people know their intentions. If there’s any benefit to being unemployed, it’s that you don’t have to tiptoe around the fact that you’re actively looking. There’s nothing to hide!

    However, most people I work with are employed, so it makes sense that they don’t want their current manager to know. If they have a presence on LinkedIn and other social media platforms, it can be particularly challenging to keep a job search quiet.

    Here are six tips for launching a confidential, but effective job search: 

    Change your privacy settings on LinkedIn. Your job search strategy probably includes connecting on LinkedIn with hiring managers and recruiters at ...
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  • Ten Ways to Access the Hidden Job Market


    It's estimated that at least half of all available jobs are not posted online. That's why they're hidden!  Read on for 10 great tips to turbocharge your job search and uncover amazing job opportunities that you won't see online.

    Target the Company, Not Just the Job. In addition to targeting specific jobs that you see online, it’s equally important to target specific companies. This way, you can uncover positions that companies may not have advertised for a variety of reasons. Compile a list of companies that you are interested in and that would value someone with your skills and experience. Then check to see if anyone within your network works there, or knows people who do, and ask for introductions. For the best outcome, aim for a 50/50 approach between targeting companies and jobs.

    Visit the Company ...
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  • You Don't Need A College Degree

    You don't need a college degree to get a good job. Yes, you read that right. It’s okay if you don't have a degree – and you might not need to get one.  It used to be true that not having a degree would hurt your job prospects. However, the world has changed so much just in the last few years.

    Even before the pandemic started, college was becoming overrated and too expensive. Today, many people struggle to just break even and pay off the education that they invested in. Is a degree worth it if it takes 20 years to pay off? And is college really the only path for your career?

    Thanks in part to the pandemic, remote learning is more common than ever, as well as more affordable and more accessible. I don’t believe that ...
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  • Break Into A New Industry

    I get a lot of questions from job seekers about breaking into a new industry. This is a common goal among professionals who like the skill set they’re using, but feel bored, maxed out, or even pigeonholed. For example, you might be a sales professional interested in changing from healthcare sales to tech sales. Or you may be a project manager in telecom who’s looking for a project management role in software.

    These types of industry transitions are what I call  “career pivots” that often take two to three months to achieve. These are quite different from full-blown career changes, which are more time- and resource-intensive.

    Here are some specific strategies for entering a new industry and shaking up your career:

    Identify your transferable skills. What knowledge and skills ...
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  • How to Explain Job Hopping

    COVID-19 has changed the career landscape in countless ways. Many people lost their jobs, left the workforce to take care of their children, or resigned because of issues with vaccine mandates. As a result, the pandemic has made job-hopping more normalized and more acceptable. More than ever, people are changing jobs when they need to, regardless of their length of employment. However, those who move from job to job after short stints (less than a year) may still be viewed as job hoppers.

    While there’s no official definition of job hopping, I describe it as a repeated pattern of leaving a position after less than a year. I’m currently working with a client who took a job that turned out to be quite different than expected, and now, less than eight months later, she's changing again. Sometimes a brief work ...
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  • Six Habits That Make You Successful

    As an entrepreneur, I'm always striving to be the best I can, which includes focusing on my habits. This has become even more important since the pandemic, when – like many of you – I’ve had a lot of time to reevaluate. This article shares a few of the many habits that I either adopted or let go of in order to become successful in my career and my life. Although you might already be doing some or all of them, you’re probably not doing them consistently – and consistency is what makes something a habit. What you do, day in and day out, determines who you are and what your destiny is. As you read on, I encourage you to look at your daily habits and ask yourself if they're really serving you. Are you adopting good habits consistently? Are you letting go of the ones ...
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  • Why You're Stuck In A Bad Job

    Working with mid and late-career professionals, I can tell you that one thing that many of my clients have in common. Many of them have been in one job for a very long time. I've seen people in the same company for 10, 20 or even 30 years. This is not a bad thing at all. Sometimes staying in a job, or at least with the same company, for a long time can have benefits. For some people, this makes sense. But for some people, it doesn't. How do you know if you are overstaying your welcome?

    There can be a lot of reasons why someone stays too long in a job. Simply put, we get used to being in a job that we overlook a lot of things about it.

    Maybe you think there's nothing better out there, so why ...
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  • Advance Your Career While Working From Home

    We can't change the fact that the pandemic and the quarantine are here, at least for a little while longer. With so many people forced to work from home, many people are trying to figure out how to make this time useful in their careers. Rightfully so, many people are wondering how they can move up and advance when they don't even see their boss and co-workers face to face?

    I think it's fair for a lot of people to wonder how this might affect their career long-term.

    Will it be harder to communicate with your boss?

    Will it be harder to get noticed for a promotion?

    Will you lose collaboration and creativity with your coworkers?

    These are all valid questions and this article will lay ...
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  • Three Things To Do When Your Job Search Isn’t Working

    There are few people on the planet who can tolerate the process of a job search. The waiting, the rejection, the endless tweaks to your resume. When does it end?

    There are plenty of smart, successful people who struggle with finding jobs or a satisfying career. Why is this? Many times, they don’t know how to look for work. Job searching is a skill that we should be taught before graduating high school—but of course, we aren’t.

    Before we look at the reasons why you might be lost or stuck, ask yourself the five “bigger picture” questions:

    Are the jobs you are applying for the ones that you really want? If your heart isn’t in it and you’re just going through the motions, the results will show.

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  • 6 Ways To Use LinkedIn To Advance Your Career

    I’ve said it time and again to clients that when it comes to LinkedIn: what you put in is what you put out. It’s not enough to make a gorgeous profile—although that’s important. In fact, I created a 16-page guide in my online store that walks you through all of the possibilities for writing a killer profile! Check it out here: www.careeruprising.com/store.

    Beyond the profile though, you need to use LinkedIn as a tool in your job search and career. I’ve laid out six ways you can actively use LinkedIn to advance your career, in the short and long-term.

    You have access to over 650 million people. LinkedIn is the number one social network for professionals — and, arguably, the most important website for jobseekers — with more than 650 million members worldwide. Not ...
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