Having taken a year out to pursue my passion late in my career, I struggled to gain traction in securing a new role. I chose to work with Lorraine who guided in a refresh of my LinkedIn profile, CV and Cover Letters. Separately, I engaged with Lorraine in coaching sessions around my attitude and approach to both search techniques and interviews. Lorraine’s guidance and input drove my change in approach. I experienced an increase in search activity, interview progression and ultimately this resulted me in securing a new senior executive role, which I am about to commence. I am very grateful to Lorraine for her guidance and would highly recommend Lorraine to others.

-- Peter, COO, Singapore

I had been stuck, discouraged and frustrated with my never ending, self-esteem breaking job search. I found Lorraine and her company and instantly knew I needed her and her team to help me. Within a few short days, my dull, boring resume was turned into something that I was incredibly confident in and happy to forward to people and positions. My experience and skills were reflected perfectly and in a way that was professional. Already I’ve gotten two interviews! I’ve also gotten incredibly glowing reviews from people when they’ve seen it. I feel re-energized and ready to continue on my job search but in a much more positive, confident way. I highly recommend Lorraine and Career UpRising

-- Cynthia, HR / Training, PA

Career UpRising did a superb job supporting my transition from a 30-year teaching career to a government contract job. From my very first session, Lorraine and her team were focused on providing me with all the resources I needed to switch careers successfully and did so in an efficient and timely fashion. Thanks to their support, I found a job that fits my desired qualifications and pay range. I am happy to give them my full support and highest recommendation.

-- Janine B, Education, VA

Lorraine and her team at Career Uprising were fantastic! Layoffs are no fun. For me, it was particularly challenging. I have not had to search for a job in over 15 years due to my steady and continuous employment. The landscape of searching/applying for jobs was far different then. Lorraine and the team produced a winning resume and cover letter. My LinkedIn profile was optimized and overall they helped me put my best foot forward. I also took advantage of their Resume Distribution Service which got my resume in front of over 2000 recruiters! The best advice to job seekers is to be patient - a new job will come. However, ask for help from the experts as they will guide you in your journey and keep you on track.

-- Todd S., Business Development, Washington

Lorraine Rise (and her team) have been incredible to work with over the last several years. She is an amazing coach and her team provides fantastic support to clients. I first met with Lorraine back in 2018 when working through updating my resume and exploring the job market, and the experience was extremely positive. Lorraine and her team were able to provide great tools, strong coaching, and a realistic and comprehensive guide to working through a job search. We worked again with one another in 2022, and her program has only gotten better with time. I highly recommend working with her and her team. What I find most impactful is that Lorraine treats clients like human beings, who go through an emotional roller coaster when experiencing a job transition. She understands what it is like to experience something like this, and is able to use that experience to best help her clients navigate through the journey. Between resume development, coaching, LinkedIn profiles, job search tools, her podcast, and many other offerings, there is a lot to appreciate about the effort she and the team put into supporting clients. I highly recommend Lorraine and Career UpRising, and think they have made an amazing impact on me and my career.

-- Sunny K, Chief Financial Officer, NJ

I got two job offers! I could not have gone down this road without you! I feel so grateful for the day I searched “career coach podcasts” and found yours. So much in my life has changed since that day. I’ve started meditating and eliminating social network apps from my phone. Best of all, I got a professional job in a new country that intimidated me for years. Working with you taught me how to change my job search approach and how to leverage my skills. Thank you, and I certainly will come back to you for my next move!

-- Lizeth P., Economics, Australia

Lorraine is ABSOLUTELY amazing! She has given me all the tools I need to go out and search for a job and better my career. She is extremely knowledgeable and I felt that I could come to her with whatever question or worry I had and she provided such reassurance. She has given me the confidence to go out and follow my career dreams!

-- Andrea, Business Development, VA

It was a true pleasure working with Lorraine through my recent career transition. Lorraine and her team helped me refresh my resume after 15 years at the same place, focus my job search, and encourage me along the way. You will not regret the time you invest with her. Thanks, Lorraine!

-- Brian M., Software Engineer, VA

I found Lorraine when I had hit rock bottom in my position and truly could not see a clear future because I was so clouded by my unhappiness. Lorraine’s coaching and mentoring not only helped me through that immediate situation but helped me to unlock some hidden desires and dreams, changing my perspective and career objectives altogether! Highly recommend Lorraine!!

-- Tara, Director of Human Capital Management, Virginia

Working with Lorraine was a great experience as she is very professional, outgoing and on top of today's recruiting/hiring methods and trends. Lorraine provided me with the feedback I needed to step out of my comfort zone which ended up tremendously increasing my online presence and recruiter interest. I would highly recommend that anyone looking to make a career change contact Lorraine.

-- Rich C., Business Development, PA

Lorraine has been instrumental in my recent career successes. In addition to the coaching sessions, her podcast has been very important and influential. Love how she stays current, and present nuanced perspectives. Listen to the Career UpRising podcast on iTunes, Spotify and Google Play: https://www.careeruprising.com/podcast

-- Alexander, NASA Engineer, Maryland

I worked with Lorraine for several months while trying to sort through some career decisions. Lorraine has exceptional written and verbal communication skills and assisted me in updating my resume and social media presence. More so than that, I actually found her strongest attribute was listening. I would liken my experience with Lorraine to speaking to a friend who was also an expert in the job market. On a business note, her website was easy to use and she was flexible with scheduling and timing. I would highly recommend Career UpRising to anyone considering a job search or career change.

-- Steven, Business Development, Virginia

Working with Lorraine was a great experience! I love how direct and honest she was with me. I think she has great EQ to know how to talk to her clients. She was able to help me to figure out my career steps and how to get there. She was always prompt and thorough. I love working with Lorraine and would recommend her for anyone trying to transition their career.

-- Suzanne, Business Analyst, Texas

Lorraine was absolutely amazing to work with as a career coach. She took her time to address all of my questions and concerns, providing so much ease during my biggest concern which was trying to find another job during a major pandemic. With landing my next job I wanted to make sure I had the coaching I needed to be successful. I highly recommend her for your career coaching needs either individually and or a company looking to help staff with advancing in their career. Thanks, Lorraine for taking such good care of me!

-- Brenda, Government Contracting, VA

Lorraine is an amazing person. She helped my job search immensely. She professionally rewrote my resume in such a way that people took notice, and that I believe helped gain more attention on both social networks and on online job sites as well. In addition, her revamping of my LinkedIn Account, and hints and tricks for utilizing that platform clearly impacted the number of views I was receiving. Her advice about reaching out to my network, along with the aforementioned assistance was clearly instrumental in landing my new career position. I really cannot say enough. Now, back to work!

-- Richard, Accountant, Virginia

Lorraine was tremendously helpful while I was figuring out my career change plans. She asked the relevant questions and gave a lot of insight as to which types of positions to apply to and how to strategize my job search. Also, her resume services helped me address a 2+ year sabbatical I had taken for learning which was helpful in my job search. I highly recommend her career coaching services

-- Sara, Software Developer, Virginia

I recently partnered with Career Uprising and Lorraine during my last job search and was so happy that I did ! I needed a sounding board and Motivator In Chief to make sure my job search was on track and that I was using all the latest online job search tools and tricks, such as optimizing my use of LinkedIn. The huge value add was working with Lorraine to develop a process for “cold networking” online since I was looking for roles outside my primary industry. I highly recommend Lorraine and her podcast series and her fees are cost-effective and well worth the investment!

-- Bill, Financial Account Manager, NYC

Lorraine was very effective in her support of my finding employment. Her skill in fine-tuning my resume was without a doubt one of the reasons I was interviewed for my new position... I'm a 50+ professional and if you listen to her strategies, you will be successful. I couldn't have done it without you!

-- Bill B., Human Resources, North Carolina

Lorraine and her team at Career UpRising exceeded my expectations! Very professional, down to earth and she truly cares about her clients! Don’t hesitate to reach out!

-- Emily H., Pharmacy, Virginia

Lorraine provides useful advice in preparation for any aspect of the career search effort. I thought her strategies and interview role-playing were helpful and a great way to set yourself apart from other candidates!

-- Sarah M., Lobbyist, Washington DC

Lorraine helped me to find my dream job after 5 years of searching on my own. She had the tools and advice to help me change my resume and my interviewing approach. She is amazing!

-- Martha P., Education, Chicago, IL

After being relocated to Virginia for my husband's new job, I felt overwhelmed as I began my job search. Lorraine's guidance during the job search process provided me with confidence, direction and the skills necessary to take a strategic approach to finding the right job. Lorraine not only provided me with assistance during my current job search but also provided me with the tools to be successful in future job searches that I have no doubt will lead to continued career growth.

-- Anna M., Grant Writer Arlington, VA

I had the opportunity to work with Lorraine during a recent job search through her meetup group, The Modern Job Search. I had access to a number of resources, but Lorraine stood out. While she stresses the important role of your network, she is able to articulate how to use specific capabilities of LinkedIn in a way that resonates and based on outcomes, not hypotheticals. She used her previous experiences to provide invaluable insight that those who have not been on the other side of the hiring table simply would not know. While she has a growing digital presence, she is a gem for Western Loudoun residents.

-- Jennifer S., IT Strategist, Purcellville, VA

Are you are a transitioning Service Member and have no idea where to start? TAPS is excellent, but it does not focus on the individual. I suggest you reach out to Lorraine Rise at Career UpRising. Lorraine and her team worked with me to pinpoint what I wanted to do after the military life. With their help, we were able to translate all my military jargon to a corporate resume. After 26 years in the military, I retired three weeks and have been working for a contract company in DC area for two weeks now. I believe without Lorraine's help in resume writing and clear guidance for the interview I would not have been successful.

-- Rodney C., Military

I was fortunate to have utilized the services of Career UpRising and Lorraine Rise in order to update my current resume and LinkedIn profile. Lorraine was very professional and thoroughly knowledgeable of the recruitment and job search process and provided great feedback to make the LinkedIn profile as relevant as possible. The final resume was polished and professional and fulfilled my objective of positioning myself at a more senior level (from mid-level). Lorraine is experienced and highly qualified in the total job search process. I greatly benefited by teaming up with her. The end result was a much-needed boost in confidence.

-- Monica M., International Development, Washington, DC

My experience with Lorraine Rise has been professional and rewarding. My resume is now getting so much more attention. Her coaching will give you specific training and guidance to improve your job interviewing skills. I achieved my goal, and my new job begins in a week! Contact Lorraine to boost your job hunting and interview skills.

-- Frank D, Test Engineer, Mississippi

I was fortunate to have engaged Lorraine Rise as a Career Coach for my search to secure the next opportunity. Lorraine was clear in her explanations as we worked together, covering resume tips, LinkedIn profile, and best use of language in various job search documents. She is experienced in the total job search process, and I believe that you would greatly benefit by teaming up with her to perfect your methodology in your job search.

-- Anthony L. , Supply Chain Management, PA

Lorraine was key in supporting my mid-career job search in a senior role. Her ability to listen and take action on what matters to your target audience allowed us to develop an effective value proposition to prospective recruiters/employers. This made all the difference in my visibility to hiring managers and resulted in accepting an offer with a top 3 firm within 2 months that was aligned with my desired level and compensation. Lorraine's strategy, process, knowledge, objectivity, and initiative to take the right action gave me the confidence to wait out the recruiting process for the ideal next position. I'll admit, I was skeptical of getting career assistance at first. But, Lorraine changed that perspective for me and proves that the person makes all of the difference. She really cares about you as a person and helps you find the position you want and for that I'm grateful. I highly recommend to anyone looking for the extra support and the investment is well worth it. Give her a call and trust yourself.

-- Brad B., VP of IT, Reston, VA

I want to share how much I appreciate the help from Lorraine! I enlisted her help to create a new resume that would fit the jobs I was looking for. I have been a teacher with mentoring and coaching experience and was looking to move to a corporate training position. Lorraine worked with me to make the changes I needed to be successful. Not only did I get an interview within the first month after receiving help, but I also was able to secure a job I was not able to get prior! If you are looking for someone to help with your resume or coach you on interviews, I highly recommend Lorraine Rise! She takes time and works hard to ensure you find success in your endeavor! I will definitely look to her again if ever her services are needed again!

-- Stephanie B. , Corporate Training, Florida

Lorraine was extremely helpful in my search for a new career. Not only did she write me a top notch resume, she also provided valuable job search strategies and feedback. She takes time to listen and she was responsive to all of my questions. Working with Lorraine makes the daunting job search easier to navigate. I am pleased with all of the help I received from Lorraine and my new job!

-- Misti H., Executive Assistant, DC Area

I was referred to Lorraine by a friend as I began my job search to help with my resume. Not only did she provide an excellent revision of my resume but my LinkedIn as well! She also coached me on how to use my LinkedIn to my advantage, and that makes you stand out in today's job market. Fast forward a few months, and I now have a phenomenal job with an even better company. Thanks, Lorraine!

-- Amber K., Pharmaceutical Sales, VA

I was referred to Lorraine by a colleague of mine. Upon meeting Lorraine, I knew that she could help me with my job search. She understood my international work experience and translated my management skills and education into a successful resume. Every time I have submitted it for a job, I was interviewed. I appreciated her guidance and professionalism, which gave me the upper hand as a foreigner in the U.S. job market.

-- Andrea S., Business Development, Leesburg, VA

Lorraine is smart, intuitive, professional and efficient. She knows the job market and will be able to help you fine-tune your message and maximize your appeal effectively. She gets it done!

-- Peter V., Account Manager, Franklin, TN

Lorraine has helped me with my job search strategy, which ultimately helped me to land my current position. Her knowledge of current job search strategies, including the leveraging of LinkedIn has proved to be invaluable. I highly recommend her if you need help optimizing your job search.

-- Terry K., Account Manager, Pittsburg, PA

Lorraine was incredibly helpful with updating my resume and LinkedIn profile. I am an HR professional and this is my area of expertise, but it is always hard to apply it to yourself. I thought she made some great suggestions and improvements and it also gave me confidence in my job search having a professional review. I got a new job within a couple of weeks of making those changes, so a great result!

-- Kristin M. HR Manager, Sunnyvale, CA

I went to Lorraine after 20 years of working at the same place for a major resume update and she was great to work with. I was very happy with resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile Lorraine created for me. Her great work on my resume enabled me to get my new dream job. I highly recommend her for your job search support!

-- David O., Business Development, Washington DC Area

Lorraine helped me in transforming my resume and she did a phenomenal job. She is very thorough, detailed-oriented and comes with extensive market intelligence to suggest and guide towards the best practice in hiring. My 6-page resume got converted into 2-page resume yet more informative in terms of highlighting my career synopsis and achievements. I got two offers in just a few weeks and the resume played a big role. It was wonderful working with her and knowing her as a career counselor. I would highly recommend her. Thank you!

-- Mona D. Human Resources, Kingston, PA

I sent my new resume to two employers the first day and received phone calls from both for interviews the same day. At both interviews, the same first statement was made “very impressive resume! know that if not for Lorraine and Career UpRising I would not be entertaining these job offers. Hiring WorkSmart Career Counseling was the best investment in my career! As a result, I referred my husband to Lorraine and she has done a fantastic job on his resume as well. I highly recommend Lorraine and her company. If you are searching for new employment, then the first call you need to make is to WorkSmart Career Counseling!

-- Terri G. Early Childhood Education Purcellville, VA

It had been close to 10 years since I had updated my resume. Lorraine provided critical guidance in updating and making my resume relevant to the modern job search. Lorraine's process is thorough and she is a great resource for someone looking at a different career field. If you are stuck and need help getting things moving, then I highly recommend Lorraine Rise and Career UpRising!

-- John C. IT & Telecommunications Leesburg, VA

Thank you to Career UpRising for all of your help! Consider me one of your successful clients. The fast turnaround time on my resume was tremendously helpful. The only thing I would do differently would be to have enlisted Lorraine's help sooner!

-- Jacque M. Business Analysis Consultant Cape Neddick, ME

Lorraine is a highly skilled professional who worked with me to create an excellent resume and cover letter. She has excellent communication skills and wants to understand the skills and abilities that her clients possess.

-- Matthew C. Medical Laboratory Technologist Rochester, MN

Lorraine is an excellent career coach and adviser. She will make you feel comfortable, no matter where you are in your career or job search. I plan on utilizing her knowledge in all of my future career endeavors.

-- R. Ambrose, Marketing Strategy Director, Raleigh, NC

Lorraine is ABSOLUTELY amazing! She has given me all the tools I need to go out and search for a job and better my career. She is extremely knowledgeable and I felt that I could come to her with whatever question or worry I had and she provided such reassurance. She has given my the confidence to go out and follow my career dreams!!!

-- Andrea L. Marketing, Stafford, VA

Lorraine, I can't thank you enough for helping to boost my confidence and working tirelessly to help me. I have used my revamped resume multiple times and I am thrilled with it in its new state. I love reading your newsletters as well and I have continued to recommend you.

-- Danylle K. Educator Purcellville, VA

Lorraine helped me rewrite my resume and cover letter, as well as my LinkedIn profile. She was very detail oriented and helped guide me on what sort of resume I needed for possibly changing fields. She was also very flexible with meeting times and places to work around my schedule. I would definitely recommend her to anyone, especially someone who needs advice on changing fields.

-- Kate C. Principal Test Engineer Ashburn VA

Lorraine was very inspiring to work with! She was creative and offered specific strategies to maximize and promote my strengths and skills. I enjoyed her coaching sessions and ideas. She can definitely help you expand your career potential.

-- Michelle K., Human Resources Manager, Chicago, IL