• The Truth About "Quiet Quitting"

    There’s a lot of talk about quiet quitting these days. In fact, quiet quitting is not new;  it’s just been given a catchy name and gone viral. Quiet quitting is an act done by people who are not satisfied or engaged at their jobs – they do the minimum level of work and are usually looking for a new job at the same time. Then, one day they suddenly quit without telling their manager that they have been unhappy. Many people do this. I've done it, and I know clients and family members who have done it, too.

    While people may argue whether quiet quitting is good, bad, or ethical, the real issue is determining why you want to quietly quit in the first place. Is the job a poor fit for your skills and interests? Are you scared to speak ...
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  • The Birth of Career UpRising (A Special Announcement)

    If you're a member of my email and social media community, you may know that I’ve been alluding to a big announcement. It’s finally here.

    One year ago, this month, I began a podcast, Career UpRising. It’s been more than a podcast though. It’s been a labor of love and an enormous creative outlet for me. It was also an opportunity for me to expand upon the tactical job search advice and move towards big picture thinking and broader life coaching.

    Shortly after launching the show, I saw a glimpse of the future. The name “Career UpRising” inspires all of the feelings that my coaching practice is about. Rising up. Expanding. Growing. (And it’s a nice play on my last name, right?)

    I knew early on that I would eventually merge the two ...
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  • Will A Robot Take Your Job?

    Are robots coming for your job?? Possibly. According to a survey done by JobVite in 2016, 39% of job seekers are somewhat or very concerned about job obsolescence due to technology and automation. Should you be worried? If you're a cashier, accountant or loan officer, then yes, the robots are already coming for you. Have you heard of AmazonGo? Physical stores with no staff! The world really is changing before our eyes.

    The truth is, the world is changing and the job landscape is certainly changing with it. If you'd like to play a little game, check this out: willrobotstakemyjob.com. It's fun but a huge time suck, so don't stay there too long.

    If you'd like some good news, here are some jobs that are considered safe from a robot takeover. Social workers, ...
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  • Resume Spotlight: The Four Metrics of Success

    I haven't dug into the topic of resume writing in a while and it's one of the biggest challenges that my clients face. Many people struggle to know what information to keep on the resume, what to remove and how to "quantify" their accomplishments. If you struggle with this, it's okay! It's very common. I'm fortunate in my business right now to have a handful of staff writers who are dedicated to supporting my clients with this process.

    Here's the approach I take when I work with clients on resumes. When thinking about your accomplishments, think in terms of these four measurements of success: Money, People, Time and Quality. These are the four most common ways that employees contribute to the business and they are likely to be where your accomplishments lie. Most employees either make (or save) the company money; hire ...
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  • 5 Ways To Launch A Confidential Job Search

    By far, one of the most common questions that I get from coaching clients is regarding how to job search without giving away that they are job searching. LinkedIn and other social media platforms make this particularly challenging. If there’s any benefit to being unemployed, at least you don’t have to tiptoe around the fact that you are actively looking.

    Here are my five fabulous tips for launching a confidential, but effective job search:

    Don’t show your connections on LinkedIn. Part of your job search strategy should be connecting on LinkedIn with hiring managers and recruiters at your target companies. If you are connected with your boss or co-workers on LinkedIn, they will be able to see your connections and you may not want this. Go to your privacy settings and make sure that only ...
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  • If You Lost Your Job Tomorrow, Would You Be Prepared?


    How many people are prepared right now for an unexpected job loss? Are you? What does "being prepared" even mean?

    In my own career, I've was laid off four times by the age of 30. Yes, you read that right. Thankfully, I attacked my job searches pretty hard from day one and was never unemployed longer than five weeks. But that's not what happens to most people. Hardly anyone thinks about updating their resume or reconnecting with their network until they have to.

    I cannot urge you enough to be proactive and to always be vigilant in your career. Long-term job loss can cripple your finances, and not to mention your confidence.

    So what do you need to do to be prepared? Keep your resume updated. When you accept a new job, ...
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  • LinkedIn’s Newest Feature: Search Appearances

    LinkedIn has changed again! They've released a tool that job seekers can use to learn if hiring managers and recruiters are finding you in searches. I talk a lot in my coaching sessions about how to improve your profile search rankings, so when I heard about this new feature, I wanted to share it with you!

    The "Search Appearances" tool, located just below your summary on the right side, can be used to see what types of searches you are showing up in. It tells you what organization the person who is searching works for and their title. This can be valuable information for a job seeker!

    Hiring managers or recruiters are looking for people like you and they often search for candidates on LinkedIn who fit their skill requirements. Sometimes these opportunities are not advertised yet, giving ...
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  • Cover Letters: How To Get Yours Read

    I am often asked by clients if cover letters are even necessary anymore. Do a quick internet search and you are sure to find articles telling you that the cover letter is dead. While I don’t believe that cover letters are as widely read as they used to be, many employers still consider them. Particularly, if the application asks for it, then you should send it.

    The key is to write a cover letter that adds value to your résumé and application. As with your résumé and LinkedIn profile, it’s all about addressing the employer’s problems. In fact, the cover letter has become known to some in the career coaching world as a “pain” letter because you are addressing the pains, or problems, of the employer to get their attention.

    Many job seekers make the fatal mistake ...
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  • Networking Dialogue For LinkedIn and Emails

    Are you struggling to know what it means to network in a job search? You’re not alone! Networking has two parts: leveraging your current relationships and building new ones. Current relationships will always be more effective at actually producing job leads or referrals. But if you come up dry from that method, start expanding your network and reaching out to new people.

    LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for networking and connecting with recruiters online. Here is some basic dialogue that can get you started. Use this dialogue as a template for emails and InMails on LinkedIn. Personalize it to sound like you and modify it to your situation.

    Sample Message For Someone That You Know At a Company of Interest

    Hi (Name),

    I hope all is well!  I ...
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