It's estimated that at least half of all available jobs are not posted online. That's why they're hidden!  Read on for 10 great tips to turbocharge your job search and uncover amazing job opportunities that you won't see online.

  1. Target the Company, Not Just the Job. In addition to targeting specific jobs that you see online, it’s equally important to target specific companies. This way, you can uncover positions that companies may not have advertised for a variety of reasons. Compile a list of companies that you are interested in and that would value someone with your skills and experience. Then check to see if anyone within your network works there, or knows people who do, and ask for introductions. For the best outcome, aim for a 50/50 approach between targeting companies and jobs.

  1. Visit the Company Website. If you're interested in a company, go to its website and see if there is a “meet the team” or similar type of page, featuring its leadership. You might even be able to find employee email addresses. Make every attempt to call or email people who work at the companies you’re interested in. Not everyone is going to reply, but that’s okay. You only need one job!

  1. Check out Your Local Chamber of Commerce. Chambers can be a great resource for finding companies in your area that could hire you. You can typically search their database by industry, and quite often they have contact information for a company’s employees. This could be a great way to find more companies to add to the Target Company List I suggested above.

  1. Do a LinkedIn Search to find out if you know anyone who works at one of your Target Companies. LinkedIn makes this easy to do. Just type the name of the company of interest into the search bar, click on the “Company” tab, and then click on the “People” tab that lists its employees. LinkedIn filters the search results to show all of your connections at the top of the list, so you don't have to scroll through pages of results.

  1. Do a LinkedIn Search for the Word “Hiring.” Typing the word “hiring” in the search bar is an easy way to see who in your network has recently posted about hiring for new jobs. If you want to be more specific, search for “hiring” and add your targeted key skill or job title to the filter.

  1. Look Through Industry Blogs and Magazines such as Fortune, Forbes, and Money magazines to get ideas about what employers are hot in your industry, and who's hiring right now. This can also give you great ideas for who to add to your Target Company list and who to reach out to for introductions.

  1. Identify Professional Associations. Are you a member of a professional association or organization within your industry? These often have job boards with postings that you won’t find elsewhere. They can also provide networking opportunities within your industry. Take advantage of any live events or career resources that they have. Niche job boards like these are focused on your industry and are much more targeted.

  1. Join Groups on Social Media. LinkedIn and Facebook are great ways to hear about new job postings and to connect with other people. Locally where I am in Virginia, there are some strong Facebook groups dedicated to sharing job openings. Do a quick search on your Facebook and your LinkedIn pages to search for groups focused on job hunting or hiring. I've seen people get jobs because of these groups!

  1. Post on Social Media and Position Yourself as a Thought Leader. This strategy has worked very well for me in growing my business, and it can work for you in a job search. It's not enough to have a social media profile; you need to be active in your posts, comments and shares to make connections. Consider posting some of your own insights or articles or share and comment on posts made by others. This will attract more views of your profile, resulting in more people finding you in their search results, and more invitation requests to connect. LinkedIn is like a muscle: the more you use it, the stronger it gets.

  1. Tell Your Friends and Family. This might seem like common sense, but you’d be surprised how many people don't do it. Look close to home and start with the people you know best, because they will be the most willing to help you. Set up coffee chats and one-on-one meetings with people in your social circles. Talk to them about where they work, why they love their job, and if their company is hiring. They may even be able to introduce you to someone they know or recommend you for a position. Remember: if people don’t know that you’re looking for work, they can't help you!

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