• You Don't Need A College Degree

    You don't need a college degree to get a good job. Yes, you read that right. It’s okay if you don't have a degree – and you might not need to get one.  It used to be true that not having a degree would hurt your job prospects. However, the world has changed so much just in the last few years.

    Even before the pandemic started, college was becoming overrated and too expensive. Today, many people struggle to just break even and pay off the education that they invested in. Is a degree worth it if it takes 20 years to pay off? And is college really the only path for your career?

    Thanks in part to the pandemic, remote learning is more common than ever, as well as more affordable and more accessible. I don’t believe that ...
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  • LinkedIn’s Newest Feature: Career Advice

    When I coach clients on LinkedIn, I always make the distinction that LinkedIn serves as a networking tool first, and job board second. Its primary purpose is to help you make new connections and nurture your current ones, in order to support your long-term career growth.

    Since Microsoft purchased LinkedIn, we've seen a number of new features rolled out. The latest is Career Advice. This feature helps you to identify mentors within your industry who can provide advice, and possibly other connections. You fill out a short form about what type of advice you are seeking and LinkedIn will send you notifications with people who can support you. The concept of a mentor can be useful whether you are a job seeker, business owner, or otherwise.

    With or without this feature, seeking out mentors in your line of ...
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  • Three Reasons Working With A Career Coach Will Help Your Job Search

    Let’s face it—much of the job search is set up in the employer’s favor. Employers have access to reliable salary data through compensation surveys, and they often have hundreds of applicants to choose from for just one posting. Unless you possess some very rare and specialized skills, it’s typically up to the job seeker to get the employer’s attention, and not the other way around. Improving your resume and your strategy with a coach is an excellent way to expedite your results.

    Some people claim that it's cheating to have someone else write your resume. The notion that hiring a resume writer or career coach is cheating is completely absurd. Is it cheating for an athlete to use an athletic coach? Or for a vocalist to use a vocal coach? Job searching and resume writing are skills ...
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  • Experience vs. Education: Which One Really Wins?

    There’s a long list of college graduates that are walking away from their commencements these days with a heart-stopping amount of student loan debt. My name is on that list. Our hope is to find a career path that is not only satisfying and enjoyable, but will enable us to somehow pay back the $30, 40, 50,000 or more that we have now in debt. We won’t even talk about medical degrees. This puts an enormous amount of pressure on grads, with bachelor’s degrees and graduate degrees alike, to find something that will sustain them. In the journey to find a great salary, some graduates end up switching career paths all together and not even finding jobs in their field of study that had costed them so much money in the first place. Irony, anyone? Don’t worry, my name is on that ...
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